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Why Brass Bands Are a Vital Part of Indian Culture & Traditions?

Every Indian celebration is incomplete without a brass band. In a country of 1.3 billion people, brass bands have filled the streets and rallied the spirits of the Indians for decades and throughout history. Tracing its history back to the British church and the military bands of the mid-nineteenth century, the Indian Brass bands in India are a remnant of the country’s colonial past. It is even today an integral part of the culture, so much so that there are thousands of brass bands, both big and small, across all of rural and urban India. A brass instrument produces music through the sympathetic vibration of air in the tubular resonator in sympathy with the vibration from the lips of the player. 

The brass band instruments

Tubas, trombones, saxophones, cymbals and trumpets together comprise a brass band and the performance it delivers. It also gives it the characteristic vivacity and harmony. As its name suggests, a brass band is an ensemble of these brass instruments, which are sometimes silver-plated or lacquered. A celebratory and festive style of music, adequately pressed into service at the Indian wedding bands in delhi, is put together by a group of musicians greater than 20 or 25. 

The origin of the brass bands 

The brass band, coming to its origin, is a direct result of the industrial revolution, which initially bought with it the possibility of manufacturing improved piston valves capable of producing a more precise and unswerving sound. The music played today is more ‘friendly’ than the older music or song versions. The brass band music manifests a shared social revelry and is exceptionally uplifting in its tunes and rendition. The themes are also patriotic or derived from folk songs or Hindi movies music. 


Conducted by thousands of bands in all the states of the country, be it during marriages, cultural functions or festivities. The brass bands are a vital part of India’s musical history. Even today, as part of the wedding traditions and protocol, the unique and joyful sound of brass band, function band instruments is famous across India. The Shiv Mohan band started in the year 1963 and is, to date, one of India’s finest, authentic and, in fact, the very first nationally acclaimed brass band with a legacy of 60 years with multiple specialities. 

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