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The Brass Family, Instruments and Everything You Need to Know

In case you think the brass family has got its name because of the brass instruments, then you are absolutely right! The brass family of instruments plays louder than any other even when it comes to the orchestra and its joyful sound can be heard from far away. The brass instruments are essentially long pipes that widen at the ends into a bell-like shape. The pipes have been twisted and curved into various shapes in order to make them easier to hold and play with.

Difference between the woodwind and the brass family

Similar to the woodwind family, the brass instrument players use their breath to produce sound, but the difference is that instead of blowing into a reed, the band players vibrate their own lips by buzzing them against a mouthpiece that is metal cup-shaped. The moth-piece helps amplify the buzzing of the lips that is responsible for creating the sound. A majority of the brass instruments have valves that are attached to long pipes and the valves look like buttons. Pressing down on the valves, open and close different parts of the pipe. The pitch and the sound can be changed by pressing the different valves and buzzing the lips softer or harder. The brass family members that are most commonly used in the orchestra include the tuba, trombone and trumpet.


The ancestors of the modern-day trumpet have been an important part of the human culture for a really long time. The old trumpet-like instruments played by ancient people were made of metal, wood, animal horn or conch-shell. Throughout the history of the trumpet, it has been used for alarming sounds, gathering individuals together and adding some lustre to the music at parades. Similar to the violin, the trumpet is the smallest member of the family and plays high-pitch music with its vibrant and bright sound.


The trombone on the other hand, is the only instrument in the family of brass instruments that utilises a slide instead of valves in order to change the pitch. A standard trombone is made of long-thin brass pipes. The U-shaped pipes are linked at the opposing ends to form a “S” shape. One pipe slides into the other so that the total length of the pipe can be either shortened or extended.


Although the early ancestors of the brass instruments have been known to be made from shells, animal horns, tusks and wood, wedding band in south delhi the present-day instruments are made entirely from brass. Shiv Mohan band is counted as one of the most prominent companies engaged in best wedding band procession services to the clients. All the services offered are known in the market for reliability, customer satisfaction and promptness.

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