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Indian Wedding Music, Baraats and Everything You Need to Know

Marriages, according to Hindu beliefs are made in heaven and what adds to the beauty of an Indian wedding is the music. The music has the potential to either make or break the whole wedding event! Old is gold, and when it comes to wedding music, the first thing that comes to mind is the sound of the ‘band baajaa’ and all the fun and joy it comes with. A typical Indian wedding consists of a number of ceremonies, and music is a must to uplift each event and make it even more memorable. The most important event at a wedding is indeed the baraat, and who does not get excited listening to the sound of the baraat approaching? We all do. 

Here are some Indian wedding events and the importance of music at each event. 


The ’mehndi’ function is one of the most famous events associated with an Indian wedding, especially for the bride. It is an absolute delight to listen to the dhol music at the auspicious event of the bride’s hands being filled with henna. 


This event is entirely based on Indian wedding music and hence, the name ‘sangeet’. This first official intro of the bride is indeed stressful, and this is where the joyful music of dhol comes into play and translates all the family members’ moods into sheer happiness. 

Wedding Ceremony/ Shaadi 

Finally, it is the most awaited day, the wedding day! So how could the most special day of a couple’s life be music free and boring? This event is marked by the arrival of the groom with his baraat with the band playing and making everybody’s heartbeat rise. 


Started in the year 1963, Shiv Mohan Band is the very first nationally acclaimed brand in Delhi-NCR. With 60 years of legacy, they have performed at a number of best wedding band, festivals and high-profile events. The band consists of more than 300 band members from a number of musical backgrounds, playing a range of instruments like punjabi dhol wala in delhi, clarinets, saxophones, trombones and trumpets. 

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