Shivmohan band


Brass Bands: the Musical Lynchpin of Indian Weddings

The soundtrack of every festive procession: a sousaphone, row of bagpipers, saxophones, clarinets, trombones, trumpets. Indian brass bands are indeed the musical lynchpin of grand weddings, personal celebrations, and puja processions. There is always going to be, perhaps, the dhol drums behind those snares and a shehnai amongst the reed section. All these instruments, including some of those associated with the Western instrumental tradition, are all made in India, and so is the magnificent music.

The Indian brass bands as an expression of cultural traditions

The Indian brass bands are a peculiar expression of cultural traditions and music that is characteristically south Indian in terms of its electric hybridity. The history of festive processions is cemented as early as the Mughal era, with the ensemble of double-reed instruments and natural trumpets attached to the shrines and royal palaces of the Mughal saints. As the tradition developed, the respected dancers from the courtesan community accompanied these processions. The British military forces were the ones that brought with them modern musical instruments belonging to the European marching band.

Indian brass bands- an anthropological point of view

From an anthropological point of view, the brass bandsmen are ‘ritual musicians’. Even today, an Indian wedding is incomplete without the brass band playing at the baraats and making everybody’s heartbeat rise. Being an integral part of the wedding rituals of India today and continuing from decades back, brass bands have only become better and evolved. Now brass bands don’t simply play tunes of famous songs but play on ‘themes’.

Historically, the primary function of Indian Brass Bands was the production of prestige, celebratory music for public and private processions, most commonly the wedding processions. At that time, some Indians conceptualized the wedding procession as a ritual, and most described these to be purely celebratory events.


The music played by the wedding bands helps generate the emotions of joy and ecstasy that friends, and families share during weddings. Shiv Mohan band was established in the year 1963. It is one of India’s finest, authentic and first nationally acclaimed brass bands with an unmatchable legacy of 60 years. They specialize in performing at wedding bands in delhi, festivals and other high-profile events.