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Make a Spectacular Entry on Your Wedding with Vintage Car


How would you describe your wedding day? Chances are it was memorable, and you probably want to share those memories with loved ones. If you are considering hiring a vintage car for your special day, you have come to the right place! Here are some reasons why hiring a vintage car for a wedding is a great idea.

The baraat is famous for a lot of fun, glamour and gala. The groom’s entry is a feature of Indian weddings that consistently garners a lot of attention. An animated baraat, lots of music, and even dancing are present as the groom enters the room. Indian weddings customarily feature the groom riding a horse into the ceremony. Today’s grooms, however, are continually searching for novel methods to enter their wedding to wed the love of their lives. They are going for a vintage car to make a majestic entry like a king to the wedding venue.

Vintage cars are a hot trend right now. There are several reasons why they are becoming increasingly popular for weddings. They offer a unique look that modern vehicles cannot replicate. They also provide a sense of nostalgia, making them fun to celebrate your big day. In addition, they are incredibly affordable. And finally, they add a touch of class and elegance to any event.

Hire a vintage car to ensure that you arrive with your baraat in the most stunning way. The vintage department has many options to pick from, including fantastic colours and unique models. Instead of driving the same old expensive car, make a statement by arriving in a classic antique car. We are confident that your entrance will astound the bride and everyone else attending the wedding baggi in delhi.

Vintage Cars offer a timeless appeal that is always in fashion. Any man who desires to appear nothing short of a king at his wedding should lease a vintage car for his entrance. Utilize these elegant vintage vehicles to let you enjoy comfort and luxury on your big day.

Additionally, vintage cars are not just common for groom entrants but also feel like a very appropriate and regal option for couple entry ideas.

A vintage car is a great way to add class and glamour to your best wedding band entrance. The key is to pick something that fits your style and budget. If you don’t have enough time or money to go out and buy a classic car, you can always rent one.

You can make your entry grandeur by using flower chattar, Mashaal, and cold pyro. Flower chattar and mashaal will give you a feeling of royalty when the flower chattar and mashaal carriers will accompany your royal ride. Make an entry like a Bollywood celebrity by affixing cold pyro to your car.


Hiring a vintage vehicle for your wedding is a fantastic idea. It provides a unique look that modern automobiles cannot reproduce. These cars are also very affordable so that you won’t be spending much on transportation costs. And lastly, they add a touch of class and elegance to any celebration.

Baraat is the most fun and unforgettable moment of a wedding; make it spectacular with Shiv Mohan Band. We provide Vintage Car, Ghori and Baggi, Mashaal, cold pyro, dhol wala in delhi , and lights. Make memories with us the best wedding band in Delhi, The Shiv Mohan Band. 

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