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Different Ways to Incorporate Flower Chattar in Your Wedding


When you choose to get married, there are several things that you need to consider. Flowers are an essential part of the event, from the venue to the food. And if you want to impress your guests, the decorations should be done carefully.

Time and again flowers are associated with love and romance. They also add colour and beauty to weddings and other special events. But did you know every flower serves a different practical purpose? How can you incorporate them into your wedding decor or event? All you will find in this blog.

Some brides even choose flowers to symbolise their relationship. For instance, red roses might represent passion, white lilies suggest purity, and orange tulips signify friendship.

Choosing flowers that match your theme and style is key to using flowers effectively. 

Flower chattar is in demand and has become a symbol of elegance and royalty. There are several ways to incorporate flower chattar into your wedding theme. 

Here are different ways to use flower chattar in your wedding ceremonies:

  • Bride’s entrance
  • Groom’s entrance
  • Baraat
  • At Jaimala stage
  • Wedding Venue’s entrance

So, let’s start the discussion.

  • Bride’s entrance

The bride’s entrance to the jaimala stage is the most heart-warming scenario. Most of the brides plan a lot about their entrance. To make a stunning entrance, you can use a flower chattar to accompany you to the stage. It will give you a royal elegance in your walk to the stage. 

  • Groom’s entrance

Not only brides but grooms can also use flower chattar for their entrance. Walking towards the stage with chattar carriers accompanying you till the stage will add greatness. It will give you the feeling of royalty on your special day.

  • Baraat

Another way to feel like a king is to use the flower chattar around your baggi or vintage car while your baraat enters the wedding venue. 

  • At Jaimala Stage

When the king and queen are all set for the union at the jaimala stage, the flower chattar carriers can stand behind or in a semi-circle position to make the jaimala ceremony grand and majestic.

  • Wedding Venue’s Entrance

Using a flower chattar at the entrance of the wedding venue will create a royal ambience for your guests. Adding more drama to the atmosphere, you can ask your decorator to use grand floral arrangements at the wedding venue. 


Undoubtedly, weddings are beautiful events that bring joy to everyone involved. Flowers play a significant role during these celebrations; they add beauty to every occasion. To create a unique look at your best wedding band, flowers can enhance the beauty of the ambience.

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