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The Essentials Elements for an Indian Baraat


One of the events in Indian weddings filled with boisterous energy is Baraat. The baraat is a family gathering that features celebratory music, dhol, and lots of dancing.

The groom makes his grand entrance at the wedding ceremony with his parade of friends and family at the wedding venue. The most common routine of every best wedding band . However, you and your family members can make an impressionable entry. Want to know how? Read till the end to learn more about the essential elements for your baraat.

  • Dhol Band

The essential element of an Indian wedding is punjabi dhol wala in delhi . The dhol makes everyone get in the celebratory spirit and contributes to the wedding’s joyful ambiance.

The guests are entertained in addition by the dhol band. They frequently play recognisable Punjabi tunes that are perfect for dancing and singing. One of a Punjabi wedding’s most important components is the dhol band. 

  • Ghori or Baggi

Your entry to the wedding venue on a ghori or a baggi will enhance your grandeur and make you feel like royalty. 

The chariot, also known as Baggi, is pulled by two horses. This entry style is traditional, regal, and easily accessible all at once. While carefully making his way to the bride’s home, the groom can take in the funky music of the baraat.

  • Vintage Cars

The smart ones should use this approach to make an astounding entry into the wedding venue. Classic vintage cars have a sophisticated, attractive appearance. Additionally, many people enjoy driving, and cool antique cars are usually a plus.

  • Flower Chattars

Have you ever imagined your entry on a chariot with flower chattar carriers walking around your baggi? How does it feel? Feels royal, right? You can add this element when you are going for baggi to make a stunning entry on your special day.

  •  Lights

Soothing lighting uplifts the mood and enhances the positive vibes of the ambiance. Lighting systems like umbrella lights, traditional fancy lights, and trolly lights will make your baraat outshine every wedding glitter.

  • Cold Pyro

A cold pyro is an excellent option for fireworks without risking the dangers caused by hot fireworks. The handheld or ground detonating cold pyro will add class to your baraat. Cold Pyro can be used when entering the wedding venue with ghori, baggi or vintage car. You can also use it in ceremonies, like at the time of Jaimala, during dance performances, and entering the reception area.

  • Mashaal

Last but not least, Mashaal or torch. Make an entry like royalty by Mashaal. Mashal carriers dressed up in traditional clothing will be assisting your baggi, or a vintage car will definitely multiply your grandeur ten times more.


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