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5 Reasons Why Indian Weddings are So Exceptional

From colourful celebrations with countless customs and rituals to lavish Indian weddings that are a festival in themselves. Indian weddings are renowned for their glitz and numerous traditions, which often last three days and include socialising, food, dancing, and the ceremony followed by a celebration. Attending a wedding in India is like travelling to a different country because every Indian wedding symbolises the nation’s culture. You can enjoy everything at the extravagant Indian wedding, including the traditional food, clothing, and traditions. 

Here, we got you a list of reasons which makes Indian wedding a festival

to cherish throughout our lives:

  • The Ceremonies 

Indian weddings are particularly unique due to the abundance of ceremonies. There are several fascinating and distinctive customs and rituals that you are likely to thoroughly appreciate during an Indian wedding, ranging from the application of turmeric to the bride and groom’s faces to the concealment of the groom’s shoes by the bride’s sister or sisters.

  • Mouth-watering delicacies

Indians enjoy cooking up some upscale foods that are full of flavour. To provide their guests with an unmatched culinary experience, hosts prepare the most incredible foods from the area throughout the wedding season in addition to traditional Indian fare. Food plays an essential role in Indian weddings; it should come as no surprise that after attending an Indian wedding, visitors often talk about the food. Your options range from savoury appetisers (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) to the main course that includes at least 50 different dishes, followed by a round of sweets with many options. So, if I said that an Indian wedding is essentially a culinary tour, it wouldn’t be an overstatement.

  • Band of Colors

You will experience a true visual treat at an Indian wedding as both men and women dress in hues you may not even be familiar with but look stunning together. Since there is a decorative item for practically every body area, including the head, forehead, ears, neck, waist, feet, and arms, the jewellery is a unique attraction, and you’ll grow to love its elegance.

  • Long-lasting celebrations

The ceremonies at Indian weddings are part of their allure; they often last for months. Although the final three days of the marriage are probably the most thrilling, the rituals that take place before these have their appeal because they serve as mini-celebrations that keep everyone happy.

  • Music 

Indian wedding music consists primarily of traditional, folk, and modern themes. The different event in a wedding requires other folk song and music. The best way to express emotions is certainly through music. It makes sense that it is vital to marriage, given that. The task of conveying the occasion’s joys and sorrows is effectively taken up by music, which fulfils the obligation.


Indians prefer to celebrate to the extreme level when planning and attending weddings, regardless of regional and cultural variations. For every couple, the wedding of their dreams occurs. The stories from the party are affectionately told to family and friends for a very long time.

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