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4 Reasons Why Indian Grooms Ride Horses


India is a cultured country with a tradition that is almost unmatchable. Indian weddings are known for their grand spectacle. One of the most dramatic and memorable parts of an Indian wedding is the groom’s entry into the wedding location. Grooms gather with friends and family, song, dance, and music play, and the guests go wild – the groove is forming! Indian grooms ride horses and elephants in their Baraats, but why do some grooms choose to ride a horse? Here are four reasons that you should know-

Brings a traditional touch to entry

A traditional Indian greeting on the eve of a wedding is a ride on horseback. Horses are considered symbols of strength and power and are used to bring a touch of majesty to the entrance of the wedding procession.

Baggi is one such groom who chose to bring this tradition to his Baraat entry. The tradition has its roots in India and is said to be an indicator of one’s wealth and power. His entrance created a sense of awe and excitement among onlookers, completing the traditional Baraat theme of king-like splendor.

Gives a royal touch to the groom’s entry

In India, a groom’s arrival is a significant event that is celebrated with a lot of pomp and tradition. One of the ways that the groom’s entry is customarily carried out is by riding on a horse.

This form of transportation gives the groom an aristocratic touch that is hard to find in other modes of transportation. The tradition of riding on horses dates back to ancient times when kings and princes used to ride into town on their horses as a sign of their authority. Today, riders use horses for weddings and fun.

Riding on a horse is an experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It is a unique form of transportation that gives the groom a royal touch that is hard to find in other modes of transportation.

A bride feels proud of the groom’s entry

Most Indian brides love to see their men in traditional attires when they go out. This is especially the case when the groom makes an entry on horseback. 

Some couples prefer traditional western-style wedding ceremonies. However, there are brides who prefer to have a horse-drawn carriage for their wedding procession. This is done for two reasons. First, it gives the couple a unique and memorable experience. Second, it shows that the groom’s family is wealthy and influential enough to afford such an extravagance.

No matter which type of wedding ceremony a bride chooses, she will feel proud that her groom is making an entry on horseback. It is a symbol of his wealth and power and shows that he is worthy of being her husband.

Not-to-be-missed opportunity

There are many reasons why Indian grooms ride horses, but one of the main reasons is because it’s once in a lifetime opportunity.

Riding horses is one of those experiences that young Indian men can enjoy. It allows them to connect with the natural world and learn about discipline and patience. It also teaches them about self-reliance and how to take care of themselves.

Riding horses is a physically challenging activity, but it’s also an extremely rewarding one.


There are many reasons why Indian grooms ride horses, from tradition to skill. But the most common is to create aww entrance so that it can be unforgettable for him and his bride.

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