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The Dramatic Evolution of Indian Wedding Bands

“Wedding bands have evolved dramatically. It is no more a Punjabi ‘dhol’, two-three instruments and one or two songs. Now we have themes,” The Indian best wedding bands have dramatically evolved in the recent years. It is no more the Punjabi dhol or a set of two or three instruments playing in sync. The Indian wedding bands today have themes. Yes, you read that right, now Indian weddings will have not just two or three redundantly playing songs but themes.

Meeting the new demands of bling and ostentation at Indian weddings

In today’s time of bling and ostentation, where weddings have become a crucial statement of family, background and wealth, the Indian wedding bands and their evolution into being more than just ‘dhole waale’ has played an important role. People in India who are arranging weddings, a much-awaited event in their and their children’s lives, now expect the band members to be well dressed in perfectly polished shoes, gloves and an overall classy Indian appeal. 

The changed concept of Indian weddings 

Previously, it was the ‘chalta hai’ concept with weddings, but that is not the case now as every Indian family focuses on each aspect of a wedding, starting from the décor to the wedding bands in delhi and the catering. While the old tried and tested songs like ‘Ghodi pe hoke sawaar’ and ‘Mere yaar ki shaadi hai’ are never really out of demand, new and better additions are now made to the wedding playlist each season. The wedding bands also put in rehearsals and try to improve with each and every song. 

It is no longer the bands randomly playing songs at a wedding with no coordination or theme.  With the ever-rising hopes to make their ‘baraats’ stand out, the wedding bands are constantly working hard to match wedding themes and meet the quirky and out of the box demands of Indian weddings today.


Shiv Mohan band was established in the year 1963. It is one of India’s finest, authentic and first nationally acclaimed brass bands that specializes in performing at weddings, festivals and other high-profile events.

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