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Fantastic Ideas for Groom & Bride Entry Together at Wedding!


How does it feel to control your own entrance into the wedding and flaunt your swag? It’s no exaggeration to say that many grooms, like their brides, want to spice up their celebration. Making a wedding unforgettable for everyone has become more difficult with each passing year. People always demand something distinctive at such gatherings, in addition to other arrangements. And when it comes to the groom’s entrance, it needs to be far more unique than anything else. It’s understandable that the bride’s solo and duet entries are admired, but the groom’s approach to the mandap is also worth seeing.  

Here are a few original entry alternatives for the bride and groom to make a statement and mix up the traditional entry over the horse at the Baraat.

A royal chariot with cold pyros

How about taking a seat and wonderfully commanding everyone’s attention? When it comes to the groom’s entrance, royal chariots with horses and a touch of icy pyro never run out of options. Additionally, earning points, this selection works well for couples.

A vintage luxury car

This is one of the best entrance alternatives that is recommended and practical for racing enthusiasts and people who enjoy classic automobiles that can take anybody back to the 1960s. Your Baraat treasure might reach new heights with a classic beauty or a fancy convertible automobile.

Entry on a horse with flower umbrellas

Groom and bride can come together riding a horse and sumptuously holding everyone’s attention. Seeing the bride and groom arrive at their wedding bands in delhi site on a horse is a beautiful sight. When it comes to the entrance of the bride and groom, royal horses with flower parasols on their flanks are a classic choice. Also, making it points, this selection works well for couples.

Holding hands, walking together underneath the stars

A stroll down the aisle together gives extra charm to the complete wedding celebration for the modest and kind couples. Watch the love on their faces as they take each step toward their new beginning by setting up illumination by their sides (if it’s a night wedding) or a flower rain for a daytime function band wedding.


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