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Beautiful Palki Decoration Ideas for the Ideal Bridal Entrance.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime feeling to marry the love of your life, but having that perfect wedding you planned for years with that person is a bonus!

Every bride seeks something unique and memorable to mark their wedding day. They want to stand out from the crowd and create memories that last a lifetime. Recently, couples have started using drones to capture amazing aerial images of their best wedding band to immortalise a scene in a photograph or video.

On the wedding day, the bride is the centre of attention. So modern brides are looking for unique ways to make a statement entrance. Horse-drawn carriages, Chaadar of lights, ramp walks, and so on are examples. For those who prefer a traditional palki, we’ve compiled a list of brilliant wedding palki decor ideas to fit your unique style.

For the Royal Bride.

Traditional royal palanquins are always a safe bet. This design of wedding palki decoration is a perennial favourite, with imperial motifs and sophistication. Choose gold, bronze, or a mixture of gold and bronze to bring attention to its elegant pattern. Surrounding the entrance route with flowers, a red carpet or a gold cloth, whatever best matches the decoration of your venue.

White Pearls and Floral Palki for the Elegant Bride.

This palki decoration is ideal for emphasising your serene appearance. The subtle decoration with flowers beautifully placed on the palanquin borders complements the white design and pearls. To enhance the overall aesthetic, adding crystals to the palki decorations will go with the aesthetics perfectly. The classy white arrangement draws attention to your ultimate bridal look, offering you the star-like appearance you desire when making an entry.

Fairy tale Beauty for the Dreamy Bride.

Do you wish your dream wedding to turn into reality? Therefore, this half-open palki style with a fairytale theme is a great option. With modern brides wearing pink, green, and peach-coloured contemporary lehengas as wedding attire, this wedding palki décor brings attention to the bride.

Flower power – the quintessential Indian bride.

You will never go wrong with beautiful floral decorations in a palki design. Embellish your carriage with white flower strings and a few gardenias for a splash of colour. Set against a backdrop of white flowers, you will be the true epitome Indian bride.

Vintage glam or a floral arch.

In this all-gold palki design, this bride exudes serious elegance. This iconic palki design will enchant your guests as a background to your stunning red lehenga. This gives us all the old-school glamour vibes!

A floral arch framing the gorgeous bride is another distinctive variation of the traditional palki design. On your wedding day, the double arched decorated with pretty flowers will guarantee that you make an incredible entrance.


Entering the wedding in a palki is a time-honoured tradition, and you can use the suggestions above to create your fairytale moment. Your palki design should reflect your personality, so be innovative with the features you use. More notably, you should feel at ease while you ride with style. We hope these suggestions encourage you to create the palki of your wildest fantasies.

We guarantee you’ll look like a million bucks no matter what you choose!

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