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Ways to Make your Entry Enchanting with Baggi (Chariot)


Chariots are vehicles that date back to ancient times. They played a pivotal role in transportation during royal ceremonies and war. In India, they also became important symbols of power and authority. Chariots have been part of India’s rich cultural heritage for centuries. 

Chariots are a symbol of wealth and prosperity in India. They are also used during Hindu weddings to transport the bride from her house to the groom’s home. The tradition of carriages dates back to ancient times when kings would ride around their kingdoms in these magnificent vehicles.

Most Indians prefer to get married in a grandeur manner. They love to celebrate their weddings in style and prefer to go for a lavish celebration. A lot of Indians love the idea of having antique props in their wedding ceremony. And why wouldn’t they? They mean a lot to us. Having a huge celebration where everyone comes together to celebrate our love for each other is very special. 

Chariots have been part of India’s rich cultural heritage for centuries. They’ve also become a symbol of wealth and power for some Indians. Following this tradition, modern brides and grooms demand chariots and palanquins to make their entrance a big show. 

Here is how you can use ancient carriages for your wedding-

  1. Chariot (Rath or Baggi)-

·  Groom can make a royal entry with his baraatis on a baggi. You can ask your service provider for Mashaal(torch) carieers to accompany you and your baggi and have an experience of a king on your special day. If you have decorations ideas in your mind, discuss them with your service provider. 

·   The power couple can best use the chariot when making an entry into the reception. Entering the carriage’s reception venue will enhance your grace and create a jaw-dropping entrance.

A suitable entrance song will be a cherry on the top. Here are your suggestions:

  1. Azeemo Shan Shehenshah
  2. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge
  3. Badri Ki Dulhaniya
  4. Tenu Leke Main Jawanga
  5. Saadi Gali


The history of Indian weddings has evolved over time. From ancient times till now, the rituals and traditions associated with them have changed. Chariot rides are common during best marriage band in delhi . The tradition has its roots in ancient times when kings would ride horses or elephants to welcome guests. Today, the practice continues even though they are now often replaced by cars.

Times have changed a lot, but some things don’t change at all. You can still enjoy the grandeur and royalty with Shiv Mohan Band. We can provide you with a Baggi (palanquin), Rath (chariot), Vintage car and Mashaal, and for that, you don’t need to be from the royal family. Apart from this we also provide flower chattar, coly pyro, lights, shehnai and dhol wala in delhi The Shiv Mohan Band is the best band wala in Delhi your go-to wedding service provider.

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