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Make Your Baraat Entry Grand And Unique With These Ideas


The Baraat is an Indian procession on the occasion of a wedding ceremony. This blog will share a few ideas that you can use to make your Baraat grand and unique from others.

It is your time to be innovative and super-creative to make a Jaandaar, Shaandaar, and Dhamakedaar entry to your Baraat. Spice up your Baraat entry to make it super –fun and unique for everyone and make your big day an unforgettable event.

There are so many different options for you to choose from.

Entry on a Ghori

When it comes to a Baraat, there are endless possibilities to make a grand and unique entrance. One of the more popular ways to do so is by riding in on a Ghori. Not only does this make for an impressive sight, but it also gives the groom a chance to show off his horsemanship skills. If you’re looking to make a truly grand entrance, consider making your entry on Ghori.

Enter with a bang on Baggi

Making a grand entrance on your wedding day is a must, and what better way to do it than on the back of a beautifully decorated marriage Baggi? Here are some ideas to make your Baraat entry unique and unforgettable:

Incorporate your heritage

If you want to add a personal touch to your Baggi, incorporate elements from your culture or heritage. You can deck out your Baggi in traditional garb or adorn it with symbols that are meaningful to you. This is a great way to pay tribute to your roots on your special day.

Go big or go home

Make a statement by going all out with your Baraat decorations. From over-the-top floral arrangements to colorful drapes and sparkling lights, there are endless ways to make your Baggi stand out. After all, this is your wedding day – go big and make an entrance that everyone will remember!

Think outside the Baggi

If you really want to break the mold, consider ditching the traditional Baggi altogether and making your own unique mode of transportation. This could be anything from a vintage car to a decorated elephant – the sky.’

Make your grand entry with dhol band

If you don’t want to go in the same manner as your buddy for their wedding, each location in India has its own dhol band. Build an entrance with the dhol, hire dhol players, teach all the Baraatis a few easy dancing techniques, and make an entry that is both simple and majestic.


These are just a few of the most amazing Baraat entry ideas to help you make your entrance huge, unique, and spectacular. These ideas will not only make your entrance more exciting but will also break up the monotony of strolling into your event with your Baraat as usual. Bring some swag to your event, and Tashan will create an impression by making an outstanding entrance. Also, these are just a few tried-and-true suggestions; you may create your own entry depending on your personal preferences and style. The goal is to provide a unique touch, newness, and freshness to the entire Baraat’s entrance.
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