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Here is the Rocking Music Playlist for a Splendid Baraat Entrance


The wedding day is one of the happiest days of our lives. And it should be fun! There is no better way to celebrate than with great songs playing throughout the event. 

Wedding ceremonies are filled with memorable moments, and music plays a vital role in creating special memories. 

The playlist should include amped-up music when it comes to the groom’s and baraati’s entry at the wedding venue. A great music playlist can add a classy touch to your entrance.

Are you looking for some good music to play for you and your baraatis entry? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This playlist has been carefully curated for your showstopper entry.

  1. Tenu Leke Main Jawaan
  2. OH HO HO HO | Ishq Tera Tadpave
  3. Ainvayi Ainvayi
  4. Mast Kalandar
  5. Gallan Goodiyan
  6. Badri ki Dulhaniya
  7. Sajnaji Vaari Vaari
  8. Ankh Marey
  9. Bolo Tara Rara
  10. Proper Patola
  11. Azeemo Shan Shehenshah
  12. Mehndi Laga Ke Rkhna

When added with dhol beats, the songs will make everyone’s feet thump like never before.

One cannot overstate the thrill of a Dhol. You’re going to have a wedding that will blow your friends’ minds if you hire a good dhol musician who is aware of your musical preferences, gets the crowd going, and knows when to join the dance floor or Sangeet performance. 

India’s diverse and vibrant culture has bestowed us with the music of different states, which is full of energy and rhythm and can easily be played on dhol wala in delhi.

  • Bhangra- This dance form and dhol share an inseparable bond. The most vigorous, energising, and vivacious use of Dhol beats is the Bhangra dance. Your dance will steal the spotlight when paired with the traditional Punjabi folk melodies played at book band for wedding. The Dhol beat is most compatible with Bhangra music and the Bhangra dancing style.
  • Gidda- This dance form will add a feminine touch and grace to your baraat. The Dhol beat plays a significant role in this dance style as well. Typically, the older ladies sing a traditional folk song as the dance is performed to the rhythmic clapping of the music. A joyful expression that is unplanned, adaptable, and graceful is the dance.
  • Garba- A Gujarati wedding is incomplete without the twirls of Garba. Mixing dhol wala in delhi beats with Gujarati folk music will level up the energy levels of your barartis.


Weddings and ceremonies are a time to celebrate love, friendship, family, and good times. The music plays a big part in creating the mood. The music reminds us of our best time in every ceremony and ritual. There are endless possibilities for choosing the perfect wedding playlist, and we have YouTube as our friend in need. Do check the playlist mentioned above for a starstruck entrance.

Playlist or no playlist, we will play the beats that your feet can’t resist. We, Shiv Mohan Band, the well-known Best band wala in Delhi , assure you to make your wedding grand and momentous. With various services like ghori, lighting, best wedding band in one service provider.

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